Fall 2016’s Top Fashion Trends

By Juliet Cai.

In this upcoming fall season, we will encounter a surge of new fashion particularly for those going back to school.


Many beauty bloggers and Instagram models are wearing bodycon dresses to pose for their pictures, like Kylie Jenner. Not only are they comfortable to wear, they also come in popular colors (especially those favored by young adults: nude pink, olive, beige).


But loose clothes can also look good; Sarah Synder is a famous Instagram model whose page features her wearing a variety of outfits, including loose tee’s and sweaters. Aside from her gorgeous face, she is an outfit inspiration to many females. Loose sweaters look great with leggings, if you’re going for a casual look, but for something “fancier”: a tight dress.



Off-shoulder tops are becoming the new in, but it’s more of a spring-summer look. They look great in the fall too, paired with skinny jeans or with a denim skirt.

Everybody loves a good pair of boots, this year, we’re looking forward to more ankle boots in various styles and colors. Boots suit any occasion: casual, formal, and even for parties!

Regarding accessories, women and girls, alike, are bringing back chokers which were very popular in the 90s. Now there are even customizable chokers with flower designs, crosses, and even a cute little alien charm.

Although there are less people carrying purses and clutches around, it’s always handy to have one – especially if they match your outfit.




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