Wanderlust: The Journey to Self Discovery

By Kirsty Allen.

Wanderlust will strike when you’re at your weakest point. It’s insatiable and cannot be tamed for long, no matter how many weekend breaks you take away from reality.

I recently returned from a wonderful trip to Paris and almost immediately booked another flight, the daily drawl of my 9-5 office job dragging me back into an unwanted reality. It was as if someone had mentally snapped me with an elastic band.

It’s a harsh reality, a come down of sorts, when you return to ‘normal’ life, because all you can imagine is romantic city lights or the soft lull of the waves on white sandy beaches as the sun sets on the horizon as you sip your fifth pinacolada. You settle for buying a new pair of shoes or perhaps you are already trawling Trip Advisor for the next best deal to satiate the craving. Maybe you’ve even, like myself, looked into ways to incorporate traveling into your day to day life because you cannot bear to think of the mundane after enjoying yourself so much on a holiday. If wanderlust were not a condition or if it did not affect many people, it would not have countless articles online, let alone have its own name, hence I want to express this feeling with those who feel the same.

Whenever I fall into this wanderlust, I am reminded of the striking music video I could be the one, in which a woman’s wanderlust is so strong that she experiences vivid hallucinations of beautiful beaches and tall handsome men at the pinnacle of her depression. It makes me contemplate what I value and want most from life and as a twenty-three year old what I most crave is fun and adventure. I want to create memorable experiences with my bestie abroad, eat what we want, when we want and laugh as we contemplate that early morning run that never quite happens.

This wanderlust is new, a revelation of the self, one that I feel I need to shout about from the rooftops, to find others who feel similarly. In turn I hope I inspire them, as being abroad seems to bring out my natural self. I am genuinely happy, excited and driven to be the best me I can be. I am enticed by salads on the menu and feel excited by the prospect of exercise. I am flirty and fun-loving, and my creative side flourishes with a new found enthusiasm when I am travelling.

Marrakech is my next venture in the new year and I have never felt so enthralled by a holiday: the colours, the culture, it all sounds alluring and magical. I have already mentally pictured the clothes I will be taking, the preparation I will undergo.

2017 promises many travels of which I hope to take you along with me in the hope to inspire you to create travel opportunities for yourself. I aspire to create vivid narrative driven articles from both the introverted side of myself who enjoys culture and quiet exploration into sociology and religious issues as well as the outgoing extrovert who loves to meet new people, learn a language and instigate interesting adventures. All in the name of satiating my wanderlust. Let me formally introduce myself. Hello! My name is Kirsty Allen and I am a travel writer.


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