What is your biggest fear?

By Anokhi.

What is your worst fear? It would definitely be the fear of losing someone. Someone who is so close to you, that with her, you share all of your secrets, your smiles and your stories. To lose someone for whom you are the whole planet. To lose someone who is a part of yourself, the other part of the puzzle piece of your own soul. Why do we fear that?

It is because we love that person so much and when you love someone, the fear comes with it. Its natural. We are but slaves of our emotions. We cannot hide our feelings and why should we? Is this what soul mates are for? Not really. The day we start hiding our feelings from them, they do not remain a part of our soul but just a part of our life and the day when our soul mates stop understanding our feelings, they just remain a friend and may soon turn into strangers. Here is a short story about how sometimes small misunderstandings create big differences.

Those Little Kids Who Lost Their Biggest Smiles

Elsa was a little girl with a big, perpetual smile on her face.She knew how to smile at every situation, no matter what was wrong. She knew how to spread smiles and win hearts. Little did people know that not all smiles were real. There was something behind those smiles that she was hiding. There was someone that she was missing in her life. It was the love of a friend.

It was one day that her fake smile was caught by someone who was really looking. These eyes were of a boy named Jake in her school, who was going through the same pain. Reserved and shy, the round bespectacled boy understood that he could not have a better friend than her. They became friends and their smiles became real. They loved sharing what they did throughout the day. It used to make them happy. Making each other laugh was their favorite thing to do. They had a favorite tree in their school’s garden under which they used to talk during the break and have their food. Life was going on peacefully.

It was just one day when nothing was going right. Something was definitely amiss in the air. When Jake and Elsa met under the tree while having their lunch and sharing their stories, Elsa asked, “Jake,how good am I as a friend?”

Jake replied,”Elsa,why do you even ask that question?”.

“But I still want to know.”

“I didn’t expect that from you.”

Jake got up and went back to his class. Elsa couldn’t understand what went wrong. Jake was hurt as Elsa was his one and only best friend. After school was over, Elsa tried to talk to Jake. But Jake was furious. It hurt to hear a question from someone he cared the most about. Elsa waited for him everyday under the same tree during the break but Jake would not come. Elsa knew that Jake would be somewhere near, watching her, but not coming in front of her. The distance was growing due to the unwanted silence in between them. Those unspoken words were ruining the friendship.

Jake and Elsa both smiled at each other everyday though the smile was not the same. Somewhere in all the confusion,they were lost. The two friends had gone back to smile as always, the smile that was fake.

Like this story, their friendship ended. We need to learn a lesson here. Never let the fear in your heart grow so big that you cannot get it under control or else, you yourself would be responsible for the loss – the loss of an eternal friendship.

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