Office Must-haves!

By Laura Franco.

Most of us have already come back to work this month after a relaxing summer holiday when all we cared about was mini midi or maxi dress. Now our jobs call us for a rather more serious outfit and comfort is also playing a role here.

For those of you who are back to the office here is a list of things you have to remember when getting ready after leaving the house:


You can’t go wrong with classy pencil skirts and blouses, though dark pants and jeans are also an option now. I personally prefer jeans but since they are quite casual, I combine them with more classy top wear and fabulous shoes, plus also classy and elegant handbags. All colours carefully selected and combined of course. These days the weather is still nice to us so I tend to bring a blazer or trench just in case I get cold but in winter long coats for your journey home-office are the best option. As for the colours it is totally up to you and or your company policies. However I tend to wear beige, browns, grey, black and whites. If that seems too serious for you remember there are fall colors coming up now, try some burgundy or bottle green which are a bit more colorful but classy and serious at the same time.

Stationery+ Decor:

We all love it and it comes real handy sometimes. I always always go with my planner and I also have one for the office in case I forget the “handbag” one. Post-its and pens are essential and then you can play with the decor you “need” to place them around your desk. There are many pen holders now available in many shops which are super cute. Also, you will need a desk lamp, and if you like decor in general you might go crazy since there are now many shops offering stationery and office decor. Then and if you have enough space in your desk, some people like to add some other decor such as plants (mini cactus) or scented candles.

Last but not least, if you have a shelf or drawer, use it for your papers and stuff but also some basics that might be useful after a long day at the office. These are hand cream, contact lens solution, tissues, deodorant and anti-bacteria gel.

Image courtesy of Pinterest, The Devil Wears Prada (2006).

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