Love Across Borders

By Anokhi.

Do borders always create a distance between two people who are in love? Do long distance relationships never work? They do work, provided, there is enough trust and understanding between the two of them. Love is not all about getting what you want, or about having someone you love right in front of you all the time; it is about understanding the other and giving the best you can. Here is a story about two souls in love, which is eternal and unconditional.

Love Across Borders

Lost in his own thoughts, Rajat always used to imagine a world where he was surrounded by people who knew him, who could understand him and always be by his side. The reality was exactly the opposite. Because of his intellectual thinking and superficial imagination, most of the people he was surrounded by, found him weird. Weird enough,to stay away from him. He had created imaginary friends with whom he could talk and share everything he wanted to, who always listened to what he said and could understand him. Clicking pictures, shooting videos and practicing magic were his interests. Making everyone smile and laugh was what he loved to do, even though in his heart, he was fighting a battle of his own. He longed for a friend. A friend who was exactly the same as him, probably a soul mate.

It was that day when his prayers were heard. He felt that he had found a friend. Rashmi was a lady who loved to smile all the time. She loved writing, listening to songs and the most important, to make everyone smile as well as motivate them.She was very simple and luxuries didn’t affect her. Somewhere in her heart, she was struggling with her own identity, trying to prove herself.

Rajat and Rashmi started chatting with each other. Though both were living in different countries, distance never came in between them. They felt that the imaginary friend which they had created in their minds had now actually become someone real. Rajat always loved to make Rashmi smile and laugh. He could sense that, like him, Rashmi also wanted to be a child at heart. He loved to read the quotes which she wrote for him. He loved the way she used to share her playlist with him, the songs in which she used to see their life together. In short,he loved her.When Rajat shared his imaginations, Rashmi used to smile and listen to him with her ears all open because she believed that Rajat was like a little kid, who wanted only love and care.She believed in his dreams.She made him believe in himself. She loved to see him smile without a reason. She loved to motivate him. She loved to fill his mind with positivity. In short, she loved him too.

Their love for each other was eternal. Something that couldn’t be described in words as no words would be able to do justice what they felt for each other. They never met each other in person, but in their hearts they were already with each other. They longed to meet each other, but in reality,  it was something like a dream. A dream, which they didn’t know would ever become true as they were poles apart.

Today, after so many years, they are still together. Their love for each other has only become stronger. People say that true love doesn’t exist, but Rajat and Rashmi proved them wrong. This story may never have the desired ending but it will always go on and on, filled with the touch of love, imagination and the magic in between the two souls.



“Distance may never grow you apart,when True Love is always in your heart”

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