By Ansh Mundra.


They speak,

Capture me in their depth,

Never fail to seize me

Within their prodigious abyss.

They provoke me; lure me

Into their intricate trap,

And I gladly enter

Knowing I will ultimately be tranquil.

My solution to unwanted noise,

They provide me with silence.

Plunging myself in their expanse,

I aspire to never escape.

My answer to forlornness,

They place hope within my redundant self.

They allow me to evade this

Wrecked world.

They do leave me

Fazed and confused, yet I know,

They love to manipulate

With their immense power.

I crave them;

They are simple yet convoluted, but

They are the most beautiful things in this chaotic world;

They are –


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