The Fitness Bug

By Anokhi.

How many times do you look into that mirror, wondering when would you lose those extra pounds? Do you feel that everyone around you looks fit but you don’t? Does going to the gym give you a complex because you see only slim people there? Do you stand on a weighing scale everyday? Have you checked every possible diet you can follow to lose weight as fast as you can? Do you look for the calories on every packet of food you pick up from the supermarket? If your answers to most of these questions is ‘Yes’, then you definitely have the Fitness Bug.

Almost everyone around you has this bug. Looking ‘fit’ and ‘good’ has taken over the minds of almost everyone in the world. Well, I had this bug too, two years ago when one fine day I stood on a weighing scale and the numbers that I saw on it completely shook my mind. I then decided that I needed to lose weight – a lot of it. I set a target of losing around 20-25 pounds in two months.

For achieving my target, I gave up my favorite food – CHOCOLATE! Chocolate for me was my best friend, always with me in good and in bad times. Fizzy drinks, ice creams, sweets, sugar and salt too, were ripped off from my daily diet. Exercise was part of my daily routine. I worked hard and achieved my target in two months. I was happy, but then I came to know that I was still 20 pounds overweight! Seriously? Now that I was obsessed with being fit, I did not stop there. That meant that I had to go through some more months of avoiding a lot of my favorite foods and doing a lot of strenuous exercises. After more workouts, more sweating and more diet regulations, I lost 44 pounds in eight long months. My weight was ideal and I was proud of myself as I had never been so slim. My friends were inspired by me as they had never seen so much dedication. I was now motivating many of those who knew me but never spoke to me. I felt good about myself.

It’s a year since this happened. Though I have not been able to maintain my ideal weight, I have still not gone overweight. I haven’t lost confidence in myself. I still love myself as much as I used to, before I started my weight-loss journey and after I was done with it.

For everyone who wants to lose weight, you need to first transform your mind. No giving excuses to yourself like “I will start from tomorrow” or “I don’t have a gym membership”. Can you believe that I never went to a gym during my whole journey? It was just about running outdoors, aerobics at home or climbing the stairs inside the building. If you don’t have confidence in yourself, you would have no motivation, only a lot of frustration.

Also, in the quest for a new ‘You’, do not forget the OLD ‘you’. Feel good about yourself when you have become fit. Do not make someone feel bad about themselves because they have not done it. Some day or the other they would walk on your path too. Fitness is not about condescending each other; it’s all about motivating each other.

“Transform your body, but keep your soul intact,
A person with a fit heart, is the fittest person in fact.”


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