Gender Inequality – Unequals in Equals

By Subah Bhatia.

Gender inequality isn’t a phenomenon, a ritual, or a felony. It is simply a nonpunishable veracity.

Just like one’s personality is the birth of their ambience, the dispensation of dominant roles to males is prominent even in the most advanced strata of today. Rooted deep in our histories, generations over generations have passed on the bequest of male over female. It is difficult for us to succumb to the fact that the house runs on the wife’s earnings, or that wives go out to clubs at night, or that the sister supports her parents instead of her brother.

Faiths differ and so do beliefs, but one’s subconscious judgement shall always hinder them from the path to equality. We may set up more schools, increase the numbers of female students, but what shall we do when she is forced to give up her metier to get married? The world has advanced, and so have people’s minds. However, in those unfortunate fragments of the globe, where belief stands that a girl is an impediment, how shall we beckon minds onto the path of humanity from which they went astray centuries ago?

As long as rituals like the one that requires a woman to give up her life on the death of her husband prevail, the world cannot progress. As long as the tradition forces a woman to pay dowry at the eventuality of marriage, humanity cannot surface. As long as those who extirpate a girl before she is even born prevail, the purpose of life is obscure.

This world is cruelly challenging for a female. She is viewed as vulnerable when she is the bearer of life. She is killed before she has the chance to live because she is thought to be useless, although she is who propagates our kind. She is undermined in a marital relationship, not given the right to make decisions of the family of which she is a worthy part. Marital rape is illegal in around 47 countries even now. 5,00,000 girl children are killed in India alone annually and 2,000 girls daily. These figures will grow until and unless girls are allowed to live, are given their rightful place in the society, mind and hearts – until humanity isn’t revived.

How can we punish one for using a male pronoun in the sentence, ‘One’s personality is shaped by his thoughts’? How can we punish one for widening their eyes in incredulity when a girl says that her husband sweeps and mops too? We can’t. However, we can put behind bars the man whose proclaimed reason for raping a girl was that she had been wearing jeans outside the house. We can drag him to court, who fired an employee with his justification being her gender. We can raise our voice against all those who believe that women belong in the kitchen, that a lady shouldn’t work, that a lady should be excluded from the day-to-day political and economic affairs of the house. We can vociferate and assert and let our exigencies be heard, for the world doesn’t have much time left, and humanity, even less.





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