One Week After the Elections

By Rachel Fergus.

It has been about a week since Donald J. Trump was declared President Elect of the United States, yet there is still a national outcry about the outcome. Both, those that support and oppose the candidate, have loudly vocalized their opinions on the Presidential Election.

The movement that opposes President Elect Trump is much more vocal and public than the one that supports Trump. Sunday, November 13th was the fifth night in a row that protestors swarmed, marched, and rallied across the United States. In New York thousands marched to Trump Tower, the current home of Trump, to protest. In St. Paul, Minnesota, a protest walked onto highway I-94 and stopped traffic in both directions for over an hour. In Portland, Oregon, hundreds gathered on Sunday to hold a peaceful protest and a candlelight vigil.

Along with protests and marches social media has become a popular outlet used to disown Trump and call for political change.

On November 14th, USA Today published an interview with Bernie Sanders – Hillary Clinton’s challenger for the Democratic Presidential Nomination. Sander’s stance in the Senate and his platform for the presidential race was radical for the United States. The candidate called for: Universal Healthcare, free college, an end to the TPP, and many other ground-shaking policies. Despite loosing the nomination Sanders supported and campaigned for Clinton and urged voters to keep Trump out of the White House. When USA Today asked Sanders, “We see anti-Trump demonstrations cropping up across the country. Is that a good thing?” he responded:

“We have a First Amendment. People are angry. People are upset. And they want to express their point of view that they are very frightened, in very, very strong disagreement with Mr. Trump, who has made bigotry the cornerstone of his campaign…. I think that people are saying, ‘Mr. Trump, we have come too far in this country fighting discrimination and bigotry. We’re not going back. And if you’re going to continue that effort, you’re going to have to take us on…”

Though the presence of those opposed to Trump is very noticeable, millions voted for and support Trump’s campaign. On November 9th, when the election was called, many Trump-supporters poured into the streets to celebrate their candidate’s victory. This excitement was and is still seen on social media. Mixed in with tweets lamenting the election outcome are those praising U.S. citizens for speaking out against Clinton and her platform.

Donald Trump’s election has created waves on a global scale as well. The BBC reports Niagara Falls, Canada, Mayor stating “We’d roll out the red carpet [for American immigrants] But don’t believe there’s going to be a mass exodus…”

Vladimir Putin tweeted on November 9th, “Congratulations to Donald Trump on winning the US presidential election”. Meanwhile, the BBC reported President Francois Hollande of France said Trump’s election “opens a period of uncertainty”.

As President Elect Trump gets closer to the presidency and begins to lead the country in January, it will be interesting to see how the American people and the world responds to him. If the present is any predictor of the future, the next four years could be very divided both in the United States and the globe.


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