The Hardest Goodbye

By Anokhi.

Waiting for the boarding announcement, Angelie was walking near Gate D32 in nervousness and excitement. She was taking a flight to a city where she was planning to meet her ‘online’ friend, Jason, for the first time. A friend who had become a very important part of her puzzled life. Butterflies fluttered in her stomach. She couldn’t guess what her reaction would be when she sees him or what his reaction would be when he sees her. It was a late night flight with a long halt at another city and she would reach her destination only in the afternoon the next day. Those 10 hours were like 10 days and passing that time had become very difficult for her. 

When she reached, she messaged Jason that she was waiting to see him as soon as possible but she couldn’t understand how would that happen as she was at her relative’s house and it was not so easy to meet. Jason asked her to share her location and he promised her that she would see him that day for sure. She shared her location and then had already started imagining him coming over to see her even if it was from a distance. 

Stuck on the phone constantly to chat with Jason, a message popped up,”Angelie, can you please come down? I am here already.” Angelie froze. It was hardly 10 minutes and Jason had already come. Angelie gave her Uncle an excuse and went down. As she was walking outside the building, she saw Jason right in front of her.

She couldn’t believe that Jason had kept his promise. She gave him a smile, a smile as wide as possible, to show him how happy she was to see him. Not to let people know that they were actually looking at each other, they hardly made an eye contact and then it was already time for Jason to leave. In those two minutes, they had already started making memories. Angelie then messaged Jason and thanked him for being there to which Jason responded that he kept his promise as he himself was waiting for that moment to happen. It was going to be a great day as the two of them were happy in their hearts. They couldn’t stop talking about how they felt when they saw each other. They then started making plans on how would they meet and sit down together to spend some time with each other. Angelie would always worry and Jason would always calm her down telling her that everything would be fine and she need not think negative. 

The next day Angelie gave an excuse for shopping and left from home. She then went to meet Jason at a mall where they would sit down for coffee and chat. The coffee tasted pathetic but they didn’t bother, as what was more important was that they were talking to each other face to face and not on a chat application. It was a wonderful feeling, a feeling of contentment that life was indeed beautiful when a true friend is by your side. It was then time to leave. Saying goodbye was something that both didn’t like to do but then there was no other option.

 Angelie then became a bit busy in meeting her relatives in the city though Jason was always on her mind. They kept chatting as and when it was possible. They were waiting to meet each other soon and Jason’s birthday was the perfect day to do that. With an excuse that she wanted to hand over some stuff to a friend’s relative, she went to meet Jason. Both of them greeted each other with a hug. Angelie wished him ‘Happy Birthday’ and told him that to be with him on his special day was the best thing she could ask for. Jason, with a smile, replied that it was the best gift that Angelie was with him. They spent some good time together. Angelie was showing him the gifts which she had got for him. After a couple of hours, it was time to leave. It was that day when their love and respect for each other had grown even more.

Angelie’s day of returning back home had come. Jason’s days at work were very busy and Angelie knew that it was very difficult for him to meet her before she flies back to her country where she lives. Angelie had gone back to the mall where she first met Jason in person. She messaged him, “I am missing you, Jason. I am at the same place where we first met. I know you are busy at work. We will meet again here when I am back in the city the next time.” Jason replied immediately,”Please wait for me, I will be right there as soon as possible”. Angelie couldn’t believe that her wish of seeing Jason once before leaving was going to be true. And then Jason was there at the mall looking like a handsome biker in a black leather jacket with black jeans. Angelie hugged him and thanked him for fulfilling her wish. She told him that he was a magician, an angel who would always make her wishes come true no matter what happens. And then it was her time to leave. It was the time to say goodbye, a goodbye which would be the hardest and the most heart breaking as she didn’t know when she would see him again. With tears in her eyes, she told him,”Jason, I love you for who you are and I know you would always take care of me even if life takes us in different directions. I promise to be there for you always and will be back to see you soon”. They said their goodbyes in a choked voice and left. That night was a night filled with hopes, hopes to see each other soon, hopes to be there for each other always and hopes that life would never drift them apart.

‘It is love that connects two happy hearts and it is respect that connects two beautiful souls’


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