The Omniscient

By Swarnali Patra.

I’ve come about like froth on the waves of a seemingly deep ocean,
I’ve been raw like the pebbles which are beaten into sand by the fluctuations of time.
I’ve been insignificant like weeds growing unceasingly in a garden;
I’m a thoroughfare covered in stardust, sleet and snow.

I’ve wanted to be craved for like the pure summer after wolves howl in winter,
I’ve wanted to be looked at at like a musician lays his eyes on a sheet of music.
I’ve wanted to be  parallel to nothing like the speed of light and the kick of tequila,
I’ve wanted to know every atom of everything like a frenzied mad scientist on the loose.

In the pursuit of being an omniscient I have known places,
I have wandered like a frayed but resilient leaf ready to decay and regrow.
I have devoured, tasted Bartletts from the ink of great men,
I have quenched my thirst for letters, music, art, culture, science and the twenty four Gospels.

I passed by a library in an autumn noon to find my old self on a book shelf,
I couldn’t fathom the paroxysm of perpetual stagnation.
I was thirsty and there was nothing to sooth my parched soul,
Because I am an omniscient now.

Words today gush out of me like light from an otherwise rusted hallow to move the read and the ignorant,
Paint responds to me like I have fed colours to the prism.
Symphonies are my slaves and my wisdom is unequaled,
I’m saturated and yet I create only what I know and nothing beyond the shackles of my own demented mind.

I have a blank page, a voluptuous but wretched mind, parched ink and oblivion to consume me.
I wonder if I could only be a speck of floating cloud and rain;
I wonder, had I not chosen to be an omniscient I could have had something to look forward to.
I wonder, if the mental doldrums will make me perish.

Had I spared something, I could have moved forward;
Had I been incomplete, I would have had the drive to find the last puzzle piece.
Had I known the currency of enriching my mind, I wouldn’t have lost my soul,
Now, I’d rather be a layman than an omniscient, if change is the paradigm that could squeeze me in.

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