Why We Need Body Posi

By Sadaf Parveen.

I feel that every person in the world at some point in his or her life has wanted to change how he or she looks. I have caught myself on numerous occasions wishing I was taller or wishing I had this or that. This type of mentality is toxic to the mind and the body. When you let your mind accumulate bad thoughts, it reflects on your appearance, mood and energy. When you accept yourself for who you are physically, that is when you start to love yourself and your body. Rather than wishing for changes, you would love your body as it is. This type of mindset keeps you productive and happy.

The Body Positive Movement is an organization that promotes self-acceptance of your body. This movement spreads love for all body types. They endeavor to create a world of liberty – a place where you value your beauty and identity. They strive to bring the youth and adults to connect with their body. They encourage building a relationship with your body and beauty.

I think this movement can help a lot of people going through insecurities, self-doubt, lack of confidence, body image issues, and more. Though we want those inspirational quotes we find on Google to help us, they do not fulfill the void we feel. When there is a community who accepts you for who are, that is the real inspiration. As a person who has experienced lack of confidence, insecurity, and self-doubt, I can proudly say I am happy with how I look and who I am today. The Body Positive Movement has helped me get to this point in my life where I am confident. There are 5 reasons why I think we need body posi:

1. Self-Acceptance

Self-Acceptance is choosing to be happy with who you are, in and out. You love the good, you love the bad, you love the pretty, and you love the ugly. Truly accepting yourself is the right foot on the path to your happiness.

2. Love for Yourself

After accepting yourself, the love grows. You become confident. You become true to yourself. You become proud. Finally, after all these blooming changes, you love yourself.

3. Appreciation of others

Your love for yourself and for others grows. You gain a different perspective on life after you start valuing yourself. You appreciate others’ beauty. This attitude encourages others.

4. Uplifting

Encouragement can change a person’s life. When you help, someone move on to the path of loving themselves, this shows the change in you. Uplifting others can create bonds, friendships, love, and happiness.

5. Healthy Mentality = Healthy Life

When you connect with your beauty and body, you find yourself. Your confidence grows. You become more optimistic. You uplift others. You truly believe in yourself. This type of mentality pushes you into living a healthy life – a life of laughs, cries, tears, anger, all of it.
The Body Positive Movement has helped me love myself and become who I am. It can help you too. Remember, every time you look in the mirror, tell yourself what you like about yourself. You will learn to love everything about yourself eventually.

Beauty is when you can appreciate yourself. When you love yourself, that’s when you’re most beautiful.
-Zoe Kravitz


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