The Peaceful Demise

By Anokhi.

Resting on a bed in the same hospital room, Anuj woke up early in the morning as his Dadi ji (Grandma) had asked him to help her drink some water. She gulped down some water and then went back to sleep. After some time, he heard the nurse trying to wake up Dadi ji. He then shouted at the nurse,” Why don’t you let her sleep? She is tired. Don’t wake her up now.” The nurse replied that it was time for her to take her medicines. Anuj got up from the bed and walked towards Dadi ji. He tried to wake her up. But Dadi ji didn’t respond. He had already sensed that something was wrong. He called the doctor. The doctor then checked her pulse rate and took an Electrocardiogram (ECG). Both indicated that she was no more. She had suffered a cardiac arrest. Anuj called up his family and informed them about Dadi ji’s death.

How did everyone feel? Although everyone was sad, they were calm because Dadi ji died in her sleep. Dadi ji was a patient of cancer and was going through a lot of complications lately. No one could see her in this condition. The medicines were not showing any effect at all when she was at home hence, the family had decided to admit her to the hospital for a proper treatment. Before she left for the hospital, she handed over the cupboard keys to her grand daughter and told her about everything that was kept in it. Maybe she knew that she was not going to come back.

Dadi ji loved  her grandchildren dearly. She used to gift them money from her pension every single birthday and she celebrated every festival with them. She never ever scolded them and always used to save them from their angry parents. Anuj and his sister always used to play pranks with her and she enjoyed those pranks, looking at them with affection. She had a modern way of thinking. She always used to tell them that she would get them married to the one they love. She loved eating ice cream. Though she was very old, in her late 80’s, she was strong enough to take the decisions for the family. She neither had any complaints nor was biased towards anyone. She was a strong, independent woman.

Anuj and the rest of the family had taken a lot of care of her in her last days. They did everything that she asked for. Dadi ji wished to die peacefully in her sleep. She wanted the family to be happy even after her death. They prayed that she be at peace soon as they could see her condition deteriorating and that she was in pain. God heard their prayers. She left everyone happily. There was a serene smile on her wrinkled face, as she lay peacefully on her deathbed. Though the bed in her room at home lies empty, what remains full of memories, are the hearts of the family, including mine, someone whom she had never met.

“To die in peace is everyone’s wish,
To live in pain is everyone’s fear”

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