Sia and Her Wigs: the Secret Revealed

By Tam Nguyen.

One of the most talented and successful singers and top go-to songwriters at the moment, Sia Furler is renowned not only for her powerful and addictive voice but also for her unique appearance before the cameras. Few of her fans could luckily say that they have seen her face in real life, as the “Chandelier” singer always appears in public with her peculiar trademark black-and-white wig. The wig, which is at times adorned with a big bow or a hat, covers most of her face, hiding the singer’s true appearance behind a layer of artificial hair. However, there is a personal and profound reason behind this artist’s outlandish style.

Although the wigs could cause many people to think that Sia covers up her face because of facial deformity, a quick search on Google reveals the singer’s perfectly normal look. So the question is, why an ordinary, successful megastar would choose to hide her face despite all the risky troubles and annoyance that may arise because of those wigs? The answer: Privacy. In an episode of the famous “Carpool Karaoke”  in the Late Late Show with James Corden, Sia opened up about the underlying cause of her action. “I don’t wear this unless there are cameras around. I only wear this to try and maintain a modicum of privacy.” The singer shared that she used to suffer from depression and drug addiction in the past due to soaring fame. As a result of her decision to “sober up”, Sia decided to put on her wigs as a shield against fame and public criticisms as well as a way to create an aura of “mystery” – something the entertainment industry is lacking at present. “I thought, ‘What doesn’t exist in pop music at the moment?’ And it was mystery! I was like, ‘There’s pictures on Instagram of everyone at the dentist.'”

For Sia, the wig is not just a bizarre accessory, but is, in fact, an escape from the eyes of the public and a way of keeping rare privacy. Though Sia seems to attract even more media attention and news coverage than before with her god-gifted talent, the wig is working well to keep her from another depression as it constantly reminds her of the possible negative consequences of fame and success. Her mysterious style proves to be the perfect choice as people are intrigued by the weirdness, and her popularity level is increasing daily after various hit collaborations with superstars such as Rihanna or Beyonce. The “privacy” needs are not fully satisfied but the wigs are vital to her current success. The case of Sia, though rare, reflects a society in which our lives could not escape the hawk eyes of cameras and constant public judgements from people who feed on scandals. Consequently, a compelling question remains: Will the deprivation of privacy lead to even more extreme forms of defiance from popular artists who want to do what they love but cannot not bear the pressure of fame?

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This image has been adapted from a photograph posted on Flickr by Tolbexla. The photograph has been licensed for adaption and fair use by Tolbexla under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 2.0 Generic (CC BY-NC 2.0) license.


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