The Last-Minute Christmas Shopping Checklist

By Kirsty Allen.

If you’re anything like me then you haven’t even given Christmas a second thought. It’s just 4 days away and I really ought to buy some presents for people. But what do you buy and who do you buy them for?

My handy checklist might be of use!


*Wrapping paper– I like to buy at least two rolls of halfway decent paper because otherwise it may not last.
*Sticky tape– otherwise how are you going to reenact that scene from Yes man?
*Alcohol– things always seem festive when alcohol is invited.

Okay, so you have the necessities, now comes the tough bit, what do you buy people? If you’re parents are anything like mine they spout the annual ‘I don’t mind honey, maybe some socks or something?’ When asked what they want for Christmas. The phrase has also been adopted by many of my friends. It’s frustrating and all I want is to get a whole bunch of gifts wrapped and thrown at them from the car window.

Don’t get me wrong, I love buying presents for people. It’s that time of year when you can get your friends silly sentimental gifts for no reason other than the fact that it’s Christmas and you care for them. For instance, my friend is in the process of a separation and is looking to remove her wedding ring and wanted a ring that she could replace it with – that meant a lot to her. It’s that kind of sentimental gift that I love buying, something that actually means something to someone.

For partners:

Whether you have a girlfriend, boyfriend or just that special someone in your life you’ll want to get them something that makes them go ‘wow‘. Even Scrooge’s at Christmas love presents.
My partner loves music, so therefore his gift will most likely be musically related. If your partner is anything like mine and loves gadgets it may be worth checking out

For parents:

The difficult decision is always what to get your parents. They have provided for you all your life and deserve the world. Instead, all you can afford is a trinket of your affection. Whether it’s socks or a new kettle, they will love whatever you buy them. My mum enjoys walking, she goes out with her friend and they do charity walks together for fitness and for fun. My dad cycles and plays cricket for the over 50s Essex team. Both being equally sporty might like a gift that reflects this. For my parents I have browsed

For siblings:

When we were younger and poorer my brother and I held a pact that we wouldn’t buy each other Christmas presents because they were far too expensive. Each year since we have begun buying small token gifts and rebelling against this rule. He’s a sporty brother (I’m realising now that a lot of my family have a keen interest in sport) and an intellectual one at that. I’ve looked at this nifty gadget shop:

For friends:

One of my friends is obsessed with Marvel and the internet and is a little bit of a nerd. Another friend is really into her arts and crafts and another is really into twenty one pilots and band merchandise. My last is my friend plodding through her separation with her ring. These are all relatively simple to buy for but I’ll enjoy trawling the internet for novelty gifts for my friends. I will probably check the below for ideas. This is a great site for geeky gifts as you can even search by TV program/film. is a great site for arts and craft ideas and is run by local, down to earth people, which is great for those of you who aren’t keen on buying from corporations at Christmas. is a great site for band merchandise clothing but obviously nothing beats the actual page for your friend’s favourite band- for instance:

Amazon is always a fall back option for quick gifts for anyone I may have left out: grandparents, aunts and uncles, colleagues.

And as a very last resort, chocolates and/or flowers work wonderfully as an ‘I thought of you’ present.

I hope this article has inspired the shopper inside of you and offered some interesting ideas. If you have any comments write them below, let us know what you think!

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