Hamilton: What is a Legacy?

By Kelsey Bailey.

Last year, Hamilton: An American Musical took the Broadway box office by storm. Written by Lin-Manuel Miranda, this production is the next big thing. Hamilton is a hip-hop musical about the life of one of our revolutionary founding fathers, Alexander Hamilton. This may seem silly, but one can be assured it will “blow us all away”, as expressed in one of the forty-six songs of the production. As it is such a smash-hit, tickets for this show are next to impossible to get. Although, the soundtrack is available online, so that anyone can enjoy the production. This production is all through song, providing an artistic perspective on many historical events that otherwise many people might not be aware of.

The musical begins with a brief introduction about how Alexander Hamilton got to America. It then introduces how he got into politics, and the American Revolution. This production gives the main points of life when Hamilton was around, and also provides the less historically significant details of the founding father’s life that one may not know already. This lets the audience see a side of Alexander Hamilton they have yet to discover, as the personal lives of historical figures are rarely delved into. Such small yet important details include when Hamilton meets his soon-to-be wife Elizabeth Schuyler, and the letters he and Angelica Schuyler exchanged. The songs of Hamilton go into great detail about all subjects of the founding father’s life, leaving audience members thoroughly educated and entertained.

Hamilton’s cast features extremely talented artists, both offstage and onstage. Of these include Lin Manuel-Miranda, who wrote, composed, and starred in the production. Before this production, he was the lyricist for In The Heights. Both of these shows won a large amount of Tony awards, Hamilton earning the most nominations in Tony history. With eleven trophies and sixteen nominations, it’s easy to comprehend the impact this musical has had on not just the Broadway universe, but on the whole world.

Overall, Hamilton: An American Musical is a history lesson one is guaranteed to enjoy. This production is unlike anything seen previously, as its’ rap elements are brand-new to the Broadway stage. With everything from beautiful love songs to intense duels, Hamilton has something for everyone to enjoy. This revolutionary musical inspires, educates, and motivates the lives of millions, and teaches them to “not throw away their shot”.

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