Let’s Take a Stand

By Ansh Mundra.

The hypocrisy will be high in this one.

We talk about feeding the poor, helping the ones in need and ceasing wars forever. We talk about saving the world. We fill our pages with long poems and detailed essays describing the horrifying reality that we live in today. We sing heart-breaking and melancholic songs portraying the problems of our chaotic world. We make eye-catching posters and advertisements depicting the conundrums of today. We truly believe that our luscious words and attractive melodies ‘inspire‘ people. We accept that such things arouse a sense of ‘hope‘ within people. Maybe they do. Maybe the essay you posted on the internet the other day genuinely motivated someone them to do something good for the world. Maybe, the poem you wrote encouraged someone to finally do the right thing. Maybe. But, does it really matter? Maybe, everyday, thousands of people read your blog which is meant to help people comprehend the cracks in our society and aid them in sticking it back together with acts of kindness and gratitude, but, how many of the thousands actually do something afterwards? I bet you, the number of people who scroll through the article supersede the number of people who actually take the right step later on. I unashamedly admit it, I’m part of the majority here.

We like to believe that by constantly publishing musings and rants on humanity, we are making a difference. But, are we? Is my poem going to help the beggar who hasn’t eaten in the past 5 days? Is your rhetoric going to help the woman who lost her innocent children in acts of violence? I think not. The thing is, what we want to believe and what is actually happening in the real world, are two very different things.

Let’s be honest. How many of us actually give something to the poor man living on the street? Usually, we walk by, ignoring them, or looking at them with pity, or disgust. You write about helping others, but do you? If you do, I salute you, but if you don’t, don’t you see the irony? When we ourselves won’t take a step forward, how can we expect everyone else to?

You may ask me – have I done anything to help better the situation around us today? Have I taken a step forward to help people? My answer – not really. But, here I am, despite what I said above, writing to you, to go forth and make a difference. I don’t even know about half the problems that our world faces at this moment, but what I do know is, at the end of the day, no amount of words and thoughts will create a barrier against the obstacles of today. I warned you, the hypocrisy will be high.

I am not asking you to stop writing and to stop reading what others write. Nor am I saying that doing so doesn’t make a difference. But, if you do write, and if you do read, and if it does inspire you in some way, please don’t neglect that feeling. Push yourself to make a difference. The majority of us are fortunate enough to have all we need, but many don’t. An act of kindness is what will make a change right now, not a blog post depicting the solutions to a problem which no one will bother to implement. I am not saying that absolutely no one helps the disadvantaged, but, does everyone fortunately capable enough to, do so? Giving what you have and what you don’t need to the needy will not only make the world a better place, but also inspire people in ways poems and essays will never be able to.

The world is in peril, and has been so for quite some time now. So, let us all take a stand to make our land a better one for ourselves, yes?

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  1. Kalpana says:

    Ansh my dear…
    It is such a beautiful write up. Surely, will do better for our society.. Best wishes….

    Liked by 1 person

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