5 Romantic Holiday Ideas

By Kirsty Allen.

That dreaded holiday is approaching – the one feared by singletons and couples alike. It’s a day so enamored with itself, so tainted by commercialism that it causes controversy between even the strongest couples.

Valentine’s day.

Personally, I’m not a fan of February 14th. The concept of showing someone you love him/her only one day of the year is foreign. Why not show your partner that you love him/her all year round?

What better way to do this than to treat your special loved one to a visit to one of these top romantic getaways?

  1. Paris. You all know my love for Paris – it’s there for all to see in my previous posts. Paris is one of those unforgettable places that keeps you coming back for more. I would recommend avoiding the tourist traps (the Eiffel Tower, the Arch, etc) and instead visiting the places that really make the city a romantic destination. With the intention of viewing the Eiffel Tower, I accidentally stumbled across a small garden, one of many that litter the incredible city.

At night, the city lights up, and it’s at this time that you could enjoy a wander with your significant other through the beautiful Tuilieres Garden, or enjoy an evening cruise along the River Seine. Book your trip now at France Tourisme!


  1. It’s always been on my bucket list, ever since my parents took my brother and I to Nottingham forest to stay in a remote cabin in the woods. Forest Holidays offers a variety of options to suit a budget varying from a two bedroom cabin in the Forest of Dean for three nights starting at £295 to a luxurious Golden Oak Cabin in Blackwood Forest with hot tub and log burning stove starting at £795.

What a romantic, remote way to spend a weekend.


  1. If someone were to ask you where you thought the top romantic holiday destinations were, I bet your first answer wasn’t Mexico. Why not? Hidden along the rocky Caribbean coastline is the Kore Tulum Retreat & Spa: a luxurious, romantic, over 18 only hotel.


  1. Aruba. A tiny Island off the coast of Venezuela, Aruba offers sun, alcohol and blond beaches just waiting to be stepped on. It’s a destination my parents will be visiting for their 25th wedding anniversary this year, as well.

For this English rose, it’s halfway across the world- if anything the lengthy plane journey itself puts a dampener on the idea. For those seasoned travelers who don’t mind the long haul, or for those of you living closer, it is definitely a must. Book your trip now at Thomson!


  1. A lot of my holiday destinations have offered quiet retreats away from reality. However, some of you may prefer to experience the culture of a city you’ve never explored- wandering crowded streets and sharing an adventure with your significant other. Istanbul may be that leap into excitement.

Fancy a romantic rooftop breakfast as the sun rises over the bay? Why not try Mangerie in Bebek? This casual restaurant offers a hidden gem and is definitely a must for pancake lovers.

So why wait until Valentine’s day to prove to your partner that you love him/her?

I hope this article has offered up a few ideas and stirred up that old romantic in you.


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