Overthinking: The Dreadful Disease

By Anokhi.

Are you suffering from an anxiety disorder? The feeling that you are lonely, that no one loves you, that you are unheard, unseen, and unknown to everybody. Does life feel like a burden? Do you feel like you are a burden to many? These constant thoughts filled with sadness are what lead to depression, and the biggest reason for this is overthinking. Overthinking is like a termite of the mind- it eats it up completely and leads to the complete destruction of the mind, body and soul. Not every counselor can cure it. It is a disease that can be cured only by one whom the over thinker can trust, who has patience, and can understand how to deal with feelings. Or also by those who themselves have faced something like this and have gotten out of it. Here is a poem on how overthinking can be destructive to someone and how patience can help cure it.

Inside the Dark Box

Inside the dark box of her mind,
She was so full of stress,
Oh, What a mess!
Sadness, hatred, no feeling to live,
Happiness to no one, she could give,
Full of tensions, full of fears,
Her eyes were always full of tears,
Slowly she was going into a shell,
Life to her felt like hell.
Holding a glass of whiskey, she told to herself,
Looks like this is the best way to drown myself,
She started thinking and asked questions in her mind,
To which there were answers she would never find,
She asked, why does he not love me anymore?
Am I not as beautiful as before?
Has he found someone when I was not around?
Who could love him more than I do?
Would my biggest fear be really true?
Her health then started to take a toll,
She asked him these questions when she couldn’t control,
He said he couldn’t believe what she felt,
She was only the one who made his heart melt,
He told her that she was thinking way too much,
Just because he was a bit busy and couldn’t keep in touch,
He loved her before, he loved her still,
Always had, always will.
She felt relieved that he was there,
A precious gem who was very rare,
Who could listen to her and calm her down,
Without showing her any frown,
She promised him that she would never overthink,
And never again would she ever drink,
And Life for her had become the same again,
Filled with only love and no more pain.

“The more negative you think about someone, the less positive you become in life”

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