30 Seconds Closer to Doomsday

By Amelia Miller.

Only two and a half minutes till midnight. That’s what the Doomsday clock is telling us now. The Doomsday clock shows us how close humanity is to causing its own demise. The clock was created in 1947 in response to nuclear threats. Since then, it has been moved in either direction, bringing us closer and farther from our destruction. As of January 26, 2017, the clock is only two and a half minutes till midnight.

Two and a half minutes from midnight is the closest the clock has been to doom since 1953, when the clock was moved to two minutes from midnight due to the creation of the hydrogen bomb.

The reason the clock has been moved thirty seconds closer is because, according to the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, “the probability of global catastrophe is very high, and the actions needed to reduce the risk of disaster must be taken very soon”.

The full statement released by the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists (which can be seen here) calls on citizens to take the action needed to save the country.

The explanation states that since “..we know from experience that governmental leaders respond to public pressure, we also call on citizens of the world to express themselves in all the ways available to them…” and goes on to insist that the support of citizens will be key to changing the issues our country is facing.

The statement also calls out Donald Trump, insisting that things he has said over the past year are reason for concern. The Bulletin goes on to remark that his actions and words have “broken with historical precedent in unsettling ways”. The group voices its concerns of his statements about expansion of the United States’ nuclear arsenal and international security.

The board even directly disputes Trump, saying that, “…even though he has just now taken office, the president’s intemperate statements, lack of openness to expert advice, and questionable cabinet nominations have already made a bad international security situation worse.”

So this symbol of humanity’s extinction, The Doomsday Clock, controlled by some of the most intelligent people in our country, brings us closer to our impending doom. Whether you are for or against Trump, a believer or non-believer in this infinite clock and the monumental event it predicts, the clock certainly gives all of us something to think about.

Will humanity eventually be the true cause of its own demolition? How much do each of our choices affect this downfall? And, is there truly anything a singular person can do to defend humanity from its self-destruction? Although the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists believes so, it seems that we will have to wait to see how things play out within the next four years.

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