What Defines You?

By Nikita S.

Religion. Gender. Weight. Height. Color. Sexuality. Grades.

Is this what defines you?

Our world has certainly evolved from the racist misogynistic world that it was before. Yet, at the same time, it hasn’t.

We weren’t in a frenzy attempting to discover ourselves.

So, here we are today, trying desperately to figure out who we are, at such a young age. Trying to identify and define ourselves in this world of 7 billion. We are desirous to say, “Yes! I know who I am!”, when in fact, we are all lost in a galaxy of doubt and confusion. We don’t understand that it’s okay to not know who we are yet. We let the colour of our skin, the size of our bodies and the numbers on our exam results define us.

But we should not.

We should be defined by our likes, our dislikes, our taste in music and books, and the way we take our coffee. Who we are is not just our physical attributes; there’s much more underneath. In this world that is spinning at such a fast rate, the only thing that we can take our time with, is understanding who we are. Yet, we are so desperate to squeeze or stretch ourselves to fit in this box of false knowledge.

And it’s ruining us piece by piece.

If we continue, at this rate, soon we will all just be blurs of the same shade. There will be no uniqueness, no originality. The boon of humanity is that we are all so different and so unique in our own ways. No two people think the same thoughts, wear the same clothes, or express themselves in the same manner. But if we all try to fit in that box of mundanity, is humanity special at all? Does our diversity have any meaning at all, if we’re all just trying to be the ideal image of society’s expectations?

These things – our colour, our grades, our religion, they are all a part of us; they make us who we are, but in no way whatsoever are we defined by them. We are all explorers trying to find ourselves. But we have our whole lives. And sometimes, we don’t need to have a definition. We don’t need to know where we stand in this universe.

We’re all human.

So think again.

Religion. Gender. Weight. Height. Color. Sexuality. Grades.

Is this what defines you?

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