The Miracle Numbers

By Anokhi.

Do you believe in miracles? Do you think that angels exist and that they are around you to listen to you? Have you heard about angel numbers? Have you ever seen repetitive numbers frequently on the clock, on bills, on hoardings, or anywhere else, numbers like 111, 222 or maybe the time 1:11, 2:22, 3:33, etc.? In case you see it every now and then, the angels want to let you know that they are there to support you and will try to fulfil your wishes. You don’t believe in it? Here is a true story to make you believe in angels and the miracles of the numbers associated with them.

The Miracle Numbers

Rayna was a girl who never believed in God. She felt that all the luck in the world was given to everyone except her and that God never heard her or fulfilled any of her wishes. Lately, whenever she looked at the clock on her cell phone, it always showed her the time 4:44 pm. She couldn’t understand what was happening and wanted to know if there was a reason behind it. She searched on the internet and found out that what she was seeing regularly was something called angel numbers. It said that every time you see those numbers, the angels are trying to tell you something, and every number has a different meaning. According to the information given, whenever you see these angel numbers, you can ask for a wish, and, most of the times, it will come true.

Rayna didn’t pay much attention to that until she got a call from India informing her that her maternal grandma was really sick and was going to breathe her last at any moment. Rayna was very close to her grandma. She got her tickets in the morning and left for Mumbai in the afternoon. She was not going to see her grandma till the next morning. Waiting at the airport, counting the number of hours left for her to reach, she looked at the time. It was 4:44 pm. She immediately prayed, “God, please don’t let anything happen to Grandma. I want to see her as soon as possible.” She had a halt in Mumbai for seven hours before she flew to Udaipur. From Udaipur, it was another three hours to her grandma’s house by car. While on her way to see her grandma, the driver stopped the car at a cafeteria for some tea. Rayna was not in a mood to eat anything as she was tense and wanted to reach home as soon as possible. While she was sitting in the car, she saw another car parked next to hers. The number plate of the car shocked her. The numbers on the plate were 444. She felt that it was another signal from the angels. She immediately wished, “Dear Angels, I know you are around me. I hope Grandma recovers and nothing bad happens to her.” The numbers and her prayers kept going on in her mind till she reached her grandma’s house. Her grandma’s treatment was going on at her own home. She, lying on the bed with multiple cannulas inserted, smiled at Rayna and asked her in a dull voice if she was fine. Rayna couldn’t control her tears. Her grandma, despite her intense pain, was asking Rayna about her, like she always did, when they used to talk on the phone. Her grandma went back to sleep in a few minutes. Everyone who was with her for the past few days told Rayna that she was feeling much better than before. Rayna thanked the angels. She started to believe that angels do exist. She was a bit relieved that she could see her grandma and that nothing happened to her.

Rayna then decided to go for some time to her Dad’s house and catch up on some sleep as she was very tired because of her long travel. As soon as she went to lie down on her bed, her mom called up. She said, “Come back as soon as possible. Mumma’s sugar levels have gone down. Her body has completely stopped responding. Only her eyes are open.” Rayna rushed with her dad in their car. On her way, she took out the cell phone from her pocket to call up her mom and she looked at the time. It was 3:33 pm. Rayna immediately made a wish and said, “I know you won’t let anything happen to Grandma. We cannot imagine a life without her.” As soon as she reached her grandma’s house, she saw her coming back to her senses and back to life. She had started responding to touch and sound. The doctors could not believe it as they had already given up a few minutes ago. Rayna was now completely sure that a miracle had happened indeed, thanks to the angels. She told everyone that even though her grandma is in a lot of pain, nothing would happen to her and she will be fine soon. In Rayna’s four days of stay, she saw Grandma’s health deteriorating multiple times and the rest of the family giving up all the time, but she also saw angel numbers a lot of times, and her wishes remained the same and they were also being heard by the angels around her. Miracles were happening. Everyone was happy that Grandma was recovering even after the cannulas were out. Food was now being given to Grandma by mouth instead of through the tube that used to go through the nose to her stomach, which she pulled out many times because of the pain. The pain she would go through, every time the tube was inserted was worse than hell. She now didn’t have to go through it again.

Rayna is now back to her city. Grandma is getting better each day. One thing that Rayna now believes is that God does exist, in the form of those angels, who are around her and support her.

“Those who believe in God, call it a miracle. Those who don’t, call it luck.”

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