Can You See Me?

By Madelyn Knecht.

New and bright and soft

All eyes stare at me

They take pictures

And crane their necks to see.


New to life and love,

I don’t realize how—

How much I love it

Or even miss it now.


Two years old and I

Smile toothy and proud

No one minds my laugh,

Or says I’m too loud.


Ten years pass away,

I’m twelve and bold now

My body changes

I still don’t know how.


My first kiss happens

After a school dance.

He tells everyone later

We did more than that.


The girls all hate me

They call me mean names

I tell my mother,

Who says I’m to blame.


At sixteen it’s hard

To feel like myself

When everyone thinks

I am someone else.


I try to make friends

I only make one

Who leaves for a boy—

Again I’m alone.


“Be smarter,” says Mom,

“Work harder,” says Dad,

“Dress better,” says her,

“Show me more,” says Brad.


Harder and smarter

More and more and more

No one smiles at me

Or tells me what for.


One day I decide

To take up my phone

To show the whole world

To look at me first.

To see the baby

They once loved so much

Put a bullet through

A mind they won’t touch.


More and more and more,

They said—

More and more and more

I press a button

And put on a smile

At the people that

Are watching from miles



Telling me to stop!




I smile a toothy smile,

Because they’re all watching now.


“I am an attention seeker,”

They say, but I finally got it

In all the wrong ways.

For adolescents, suicide is currently at a 30 year high. A new trend of broadcasting suicide live on social media platforms like Facebook has recently entered the picture , which begs the question, why? And how can we help them? It is a difficult question, and sometimes impossible to answer.

We can start in even the smallest of ways; listening. We must show that we care and encourage our loved ones to seek the help that they need, and doing the research necessary to understand the signs of depression. Depression is a tricky thing, and not all those who are depressed want to let their loved ones know. So we must understand it before we can even begin to help them. We must, however, show that we care before they do something which cannot be undone.

“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.”

― Albert Einstein

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