By Ansh Mundra.

Choices. What are they? I would call them the actions we take or decisions we make at a particular moment which shape the very next moment. Our life is filled with choices. When I say ‘filled’, I mean that every single moment in our life is a choice. This does not mean that every choice we make is a major one, however. It might be a simple one like choosing to sleep at a certain time or a big one like choosing your career. But big or small, all choices affect you and all your decisions do matter.

Everything in this world is interconnected and interrelated, and so are the choices we make. One choice leads to another and to another and so on. It’s such a queer thing. Everything you do, like watching a movie or studying or going for a jog or simply doing nothing, every single thing has some effect on you. Every choice you make changes your future. Not only does it change your future, but other people’s too. How would something like going to the grocery store change my future and others’ too, you may ask.

Let’s see.

You chose to go to the grocery store, and perchance you meet an old friend there. You have a nice chat with him and the two of you go back home. Owing to human nature, inevitably, the two of you will think of this serendipity and thus life will go on. However, if you had decided to stay at home, you wouldn’t have met the old friend and thus life would have taken you and your friend to a different path. The thing is, every single little (or big) decision we make, opens a whole new pathway for us to continue to tread upon.

Some choices affect a large amount of people. A simple example is voting for your preferred candidate. If the candidate gets chosen, they will obviously play a huge role in a lot of lives. Thus, by choosing to vote, we somewhat shape the future.  

However, choices don’t always alter the future in ways we would want them to. A bad decision, or even a small choice with not much relevance, can degrade the future. We can only control or predict the future to a certain extent, so the choices that would end up changing the future in a certain way may be unknown or of little relevance to us. What I mean is that we don’t know which small or big decision may end up enhancing or impairing the future.

It is a whole new phenomena, really, and it has grasped hold of me and has made me ponder and marvel. The fact that a small choice of no immediate relevance can change the future in unthinkable ways is absolutely astonishing. What if Newton had decided not to pursue mathematics and physics? Would we be where we are today? What if someone had decided to assassinate Hitler and succeeded? Would the world be different today? What if John F. Kennedy hadn’t made the bold claim to reach the moon? Would the Space Race between the USA and the Soviet Union have a different outcome? It’s like a domino chain. The only difference is that every single domino appears to be connected with an infinite amount of other chains.

Thus, it is the choices we make that define us and everybody around us, literally. Hence, we write our own destiny with the choices that we make every moment of the way.


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