New York City

The sun lengthens the shadows

The sun has no power here.

The elaborate dance of pedestrians continues;

Spinning, dodging, careening, scarves flying

Step in time to the rhythm of the city.


Shoulders are brushed

Glares are exchanged

A boy bounces his ball to the beat of his neighbor’s drum.

Colliding, gravitating, whipping around;

Lives are breached. Pay attention!

You’re at the mercy of the City.


Spontaneous and energetic

Rush hour is magnetic.

Cars screech incandescent

Breath is held in bursting subways

The hard light gleams on currents of packed bodies

Trampling the cracked cement underfoot.

We move as one pulse.

The city; a warm-blooded organism.

We are its veins; we are its skeleton

We are its passionate exhale and raw grandiosity.

Image Source:

Featured Image: This image was originally posted to Flickr by Anthony Quintano. The image has been licensed for fair use by the creator under the Creative Commons license – Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0). No modifications were made.


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