A Learner’s Aspirations

By Anokhi.

Were you ever stuck in a situation where you had to choose a career against your heart’s desire and your mind’s consent? A situation where you had to choose between a career that your parents want you to pursue though you have no interest in it at all, and a career which you want on your resume but is not respectable in the eyes of the society? Many of us have gone through such a situation, or know someone who is going through it. So, what do we do about it? Should we leave everything on fate, or listen to our heart and follow our dreams? Should we do something we feel we are good at, or something common that the world doesn’t make fun of? Life gives us one chance to listen to our heart, to take that leap of courage. Here’s how things can change when you work hard for the life you want; you have the power to change what fate has in store for you.

A Leap of ‘Fate’

I had some university forms in my hand,

Some from my country and others from a foreign land;

I couldn’t understand which one to fill,

As I hadn’t decided on my career still.

It was my dearest aspiration to become a great actor,

But my parents were keen on making me a good doctor;

So with a heavy heart I filled up the form,

Inside my mind there was a brewing storm;

I couldn’t fulfill my own heart’s desire,

I had to douse my inner fire.

There was nothing, I thought, in my hands,

I didn’t have the courage to take a stand.


Soon I was off to college on my rusted old bike,

To study some subject that I didn’t like.

I couldn’t pay attention to a single lecture,

The books I had to study from felt like a torture.

I passed the first year by mugging up notes,

Without understanding the logic and learning by rote;

A year went by and I was still the same,

Who wanted to be an actor and make a name.


And then my fate took an unexpected leap,

When I asked that question that was hiding in deep:

“Could I please drop out from the medical college,

And work in a field in which I have ample knowledge?”

At first, my parents gave me that shocked look,

But gradually they supported me in the decision I took.

For a moment I couldn’t believe my ears,

My heart was filled with happiness, my eyes with tears!

Today, I am an actor and I have made my name,

My name is written in golden letters on the wall of fame.

So always believe in the saying “It’s never too late”,

Because everyone gets a chance to take that leap of ‘fate’.

“It is never too late to achieve your dreams. All you need to do is to ignite your inner fire.”

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