The Truth About #Adulting

By Madelyn Knecht.

What really is Adulting?

We see the hashtag on Twitter all the time, paired with random, typical responsible acts such as making dinner, paying bills, etc.

Articles have accused millennials of undermining their achievements by using this word, which is only recognized as a word in Urban Dictionary. Sure, no actual dictionary includes it—but it will soon, because that’s how words work. Languages adapt and change overtime with usage. We now use “googling” as a verb, because as the world changes, so does our language.

Some believe that this is a sign of immaturity. After all, every adult is expected to make dinner for themselves or drive to the dealership or sign a lease on an apartment. So why do millennials bother to announce when they do something typical of adulthood as if it’s a big accomplishment?

What I don’t think adults—and even some millennials—realize is that this hashtag could very well have been born from sarcasm.

Article after article is skeptical about millennials, this generation being the most criticized than any other beforehand. Why? Because there is so much happening in the world that everyone wonders what the next generation will bring; whether they will make the world worse, or change it for the better. The concern is understandable, but for millennials, the constant criticisms and pressure to do better can weigh heavily on their shoulders.

So after being yelled at to “grow up” and act like adults, millennials took to the act of adulting in the best way these tech-savvy kids know how—a hashtag.

What does the hashtag actually mean? What is adulting for millennials?

Adulting for millennials is having a 72% high school graduation rate, the highest in more than two decades. Adulting for millennials is 58% of us who enter a four-year college graduating with a bachelor’s degree within six years. Adulting is being one of the most open-minded when it comes to race and sexuality out of all previous generations. Adulting for millennials is being on track to become the most educated generation to date.

But sure, let’s focus on the evils of a hashtag.

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Featured image: This image was originally posted to Flickr by Christian Senger. The image has been licensed for fair use by the creator under the Creative Commons license – Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic (CC BY-SA 2.0). No changes were made.


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