By Ansh Mundra. 

Usually, we write poetry

Like this.

With six words on one line

And five on the other.


Why do we

Write like this,

With sentences broken down

And written in

Separate lines

As if

Such a style

Has a greater impact

On the reader.


Why can’t I write like this, with sentences written in one long line, and call it poetry?

Why am I told that my poem must have a structure?

A rhythm.

For isn’t poetry about expressing yourself?

About penning your thoughts?

Your feelings?

Is it not writing about what you love and hate?

What you want and don’t?


Then why am I shunned and told

“No, your poem doesn’t sound good.”?


Why must I inefficaciously slice my sentences, when to me, they sound much better this way?

Why must I follow your rules when inking my feelings?

Why must I adhere to your conventions to make my poem sound ‘good’?


And I ask you,

You shape



Like this

With no depth

Or passion

Or love

Or frustration


Call it poetry.

While, I vent my anger with extreme intensity without breaking my sentences in the way you do, but, of course, it’s not called poetry?


You call yourself a poet? A lover of poetry? And yet, you do not understand the basics of it.

Had you, maybe poetry written in this form would appeal to you, and it would sound ‘good’.


Here, I tell you, no.

No, I won’t listen to you.

No, I won’t follow the consensus.

No, I won’t rhyme or have a structure.

And no, I won’t write




I will put forward my thoughts in extended sentences, and yes, I will call it poetry.

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