Love at First Sight

By Kaitlyn Fischer.

Seeing your face was like a revelation for me.

It was as if the stars that hung in the sky above me had all collided, creating this beautiful collision of light and destruction. Every day that I spent with you felt like another piece of my puzzle had been put in its place, putting me together one moment at a time. When the scars on my body ached, you ran your fingers over them and numbed the pain. It was as if you are made of magic, standing in front of the firelight with more burning in your eyes than the flames themselves. Touching you caused electricity to pump through my veins, killing me and giving me the strongest high all at once. I have spent a lifetime on this planet and never felt as much gratitude to this universe as I did when it gave me you.

I have been told that falling in love feels like you’re being given life, but it’s so much more than that. It’s as if you are being reborn. It is as if all of your past has been erased and the only future that you can see is one with this person in it. We all dream of finding love, but finding it is an unexpected gem. It’s like sifting through the shelves of a thrift shop, opening empty boxes with elegant exteriors before finally revealing a diamond ring. It’s like living your entire life imagining “what if’s” and then that person becomes your “what will be”.

Their heart becomes attached to yours in a bond that people say is invisible, but that isn’t true. It is a bond that you can see any time you look deep enough. You can see it in the way that your hands find each other in the dark. How in a crowd of people, it’s their face that you look for. How their smile leads to one of yours and how you could spend a hundred years looking into their eyes without ever growing bored.

Meeting the person that you are meant to be with is like a second chance at a life that has already begun. They let you look back but their hand leads you forward. It is the unspoken knowledge that, with them, you can soar. You can rise above anything; buildings, birds, voices. You are a set of wings and they are the perfect wave of wind that lifts you into the air.

They scare you in the sense that you’re afraid of loving them so much. Too much. You are scared of how quickly your heart beats when they enter the room and how slow your breath is when they lay beside you. You’re afraid of loving them more than they love you because you can’t imagine a love greater than the one you feel for them.

When I saw your face, it was a revelation because it revealed more than I had wanted to see. It showed me my future, my joy, my contentment with you. It provided me with feelings of hope and happiness, two things that I was afraid to feel before.

Looking at you gave me a glance at a lifetime of love, and I believed in love at first sight after that.


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