The Soul Connection

By Anokhi.

Love, they say, is one of the greatest feelings that connects two souls. If a person falls in love with all his heart, he/she can feel a soul talking to him/her. But what if he/she has failed in love? Does a soul have the power to get him/her back to being a happy person again? Yes, it does, only if that person listens to it. Here is a story of how a soul completely transformed a person’s life after he had failed in love.

A depressed and dejected Anchit had come back home from work. The pain of being rejected by a girl whom he loved four years ago had never gone away. He had lost confidence in himself and trust in everybody around him. He felt that he could never be loved by someone in his entire life, because, according to him, neither did he have the looks nor the money which could attract girls towards him. He could be friends with another, but for him, love had just become a word with nothing but two vowels in it.

After having his dinner and finishing up with his daily chores, he sat on his bed with his phone. He had a habit of replying to all of his messages before going off to sleep. He had replied to everyone he wanted to, but there was one message which had come from an unknown number. It read, “Hi, I am your soul speaking. I know that today also you have been in a depressed state, with low confidence and no trust in the world around you. If you give me the chance, I will try my best to help you.” Anchit was surprised to see this message. He went off to sleep without replying to it.

The next morning, like every day, he had his breakfast and went to his office, but the only thought that was going through his mind was the message he had gotten last night. It was the first time in the last four years that Anchit didn’t think about his failed love story. Instead of reaching home in a sad state, he reached home with a curious mind, a mind that was trying to figure out who could have sent him that message. Was it someone whom he knew or was it some kind of an advertisement that someone had happened to send to him? The curiosity was killing him and he decided to reply to the message he had gotten.

Anchit: Hello. Do I know you? How did you get my number?

There was no response. Anchit waited for an hour and then decided to sleep with his mind wandering in thoughts of getting a reply. There was a beep. He looked at his phone and opened the message.

Unknown Number: Hi. It doesn’t matter if you know me or you don’t. But I think that you have replied to my message because you need my help.

Anchit: No, I don’t need your help. But if you are a friend, let me tell you that I don’t like such kind of pranks.

Unknown Number: I may be your friend or your foe. It is up to you to decide after you allow me to ask you some questions and then read your mind.

Anchit was becoming intrigued by the way the person was chatting with him. He responded:

Anchit: Okay. But only a few questions. I would not like you to get too personal with my past. Go ahead. When I feel uncomfortable, I will stop you from asking more questions.

Unknown Number: Sure. Here is my first question. Do you blame yourself for your past?

Anchit: Yes and No. Yes because I don’t have what it takes to be in a relationship and no because she couldn’t accept me for what I was.

Unknown Number: What, according to you, is being in love? Is it about living to see someone happy or dying because you cannot forget someone?

Anchit: It is about living to see happiness on someone’s face. To love is a great feeling, but to be loved is the greatest feeling.

Unknown Number: Then why have you been thinking of ending your life? Do you think someone would be happy to see you doing that or do you think that you are not lucky enough to be loved by someone?

Anchit was confused. All of this while he was thinking of ending his life because he couldn’t love someone else. He had no answer.

Unknown Number: Have you thought about your family? Do you think they like to see you in this condition?

Anchit: This is getting too personal. We need to stop now.

Unknown Number: Okay I will stop. But before I leave, let me tell you something. Life is beautiful. There is no love greater than your parents’ love and if you have the support of even one friend on all the bad days you go through, consider yourself lucky. There are hardly any people other than your own family who stay with you through thick and thin and if you have such a friend, then there is no doubt that your friend loves you for who you are. These past four years you have been torturing yourself. You have closed the doors to your heart just because of that one person who didn’t love you enough and left you alone. You did not let someone enter into your life who loved you much more than that person. Try living for them instead of dying for someone who didn’t want to be a part of your life anymore. Thank you for being patient. Wishing you all the best for your future, Anchit. I hope to see you as lively as you were before you fell in love.

Anchit could not believe that he was chatting with someone who knew him so well. He felt as if it was really his own soul who knew every single thing about him. Who could it be? Only one name came into his mind. His best friend, Aashi, who knew him more than he knew himself, who had been with him since before he fell in love with another girl, however since he went through his heartbreak, she became a distant friend.

Anchit couldn’t stop himself from asking that question:

Anchit: Aashi, is that you? There is no one else who knows me this well, other than you. Don’t say no. I know I haven’t been able to spend as much time with you as I used to, but I never forgot you.

Unknown Number: You got it right, Anchit. It’s me, Aashi. I was always aware of what you were going through every single day. I never wished to leave you alone but you never allowed me to come near you because of what happened with you. I still love you like I always did.

Anchit was now no longer feeling miserable. He understood that his life was not as bad as he had made it seem. He always had his family and his friend Aashi by his side. Love for him now had a new meaning.

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Featured image © Anokhi 2017.

This image has been used with the permission of Anokhi. All rights reserved. No part of this image may be reproduced without the prior permission of Anokhi.


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