Cadence Quaranta

Staff Writer


Cadence was named after the quote, “Live to the beat of your own drum,” and she is determined to do just that. Her life as a global cosmopolitan began after spending almost four years of her life attending a local school in China, an incredibly formative experience that has taken her down a unique and sometimes unimaginable path, and has lead her to fall in love with Chinese culture and language. Thinking about life from a different perspective for so long has taught her to be open minded and internationally oriented, and she strives to encourage others to expand their horizons as well. She loves to share her experiences and outlooks through words, to express her emotions through a capella, and to embrace differences through traveling and learning languages. Extremely passionate about international politics, Cadence is determined to dedicate her life to helping and changing the lives of not only people in need nearby, but also those on the other side of the world. Feminism is a big part of her identity and she is committed to speaking up about women’s rights, fighting for a better future for women in any way that she can. Adventurous in spirit, she cannot wait to see what kinds of challenges the future holds for her.

Articles Authored by Cadence: