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Passage 1:

A peculiar feature of all ancient civilizations of the west is their evanescent nature. As we turn the pages of history chronologically we observe that civilisations emerge, develop reach their zenith and then they deteriorate away, melting out of existence in the course of a few centuries, like Carthage, Greece and Rome. These civilisations show no perpetuity, no permanence.

On the contrary, however, the most distinguishing character of the Egyptian civilization are it’s own eternal nature instead of disappearing in the course of a little years, it persists for millenniums. Though other antediluvian civilizations voyage on the eternal seas of time can be traced from there birth to their progress, maturity and decline, the ancient Egyptian civilization seems to have no beginning and appears to have started in it’s established state. It’s dawn has not been found yet. It retreats into the oblivion of prehistory.

For years, an Egyptian civilization have amused mankind from all over the whole world with it’s strange practices, culture and fashion, and it’s immense wealths. One of the most fascinating subjects in the chatter about ancient Egypt is pharaoh Tutankhamun. He was neither the most important, nor the most successful one. But he sure is the most famous pharaoh, thanks to the treasure in his almost intact tomb, discovered by Howard Carter and Lord Carnarvon in 1922. Howard Carter, in an one-time investigation, could hardly document all the treasures.

Passage 2:

This was a historical moment; the decision we were to make would effect our new year eve’s plans. “Lets go to the park tomorrow,” Anita said. I vehemently protested and did not agree to her proposal as we were’nt in highschool anymore at all. We all had daily chores now not to mention a job we loved alot. I suggested reading Agatha Christie on new year eve instead, who is well-known for her mystery stories. Katie gave another advise. She felt it would be a best idea to meet Katie’s aunt, whom is a well known author herself! Anna announced that her favourite place to visit is her grandparent’s house near the lake where she loved to cook and bake, and she often baked cakes with her grandmother and went horse riding with her grandfather. All this chatter left me so exasperated I had to remind myself to breath. I focused on Anita’s jacket instead – it perfectly complimented her stilettos. I was now clearly disinterested. I could listen no farther than this. I simply got up and left, saying that I needed some pencils from the stationary. I knew that I was so exited about new year’s festivities that I would not be able to sleep tonight. “Usually, I lay down to sleep at 10 o’ clock,” I thought.

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