Paulina Anaya

Section Head of the World Section


Lover of the world, Paulina hopes her international spirit will travel the world and change lives and mindsets. She believes respect is an inalienable right and wants to dedicate her life to the advocation and defence of human rights, as well as to the prevention of future conflicts. She knows that in order to undertake such an important mission she must be well prepared to face the world, which is why she is planning to enroll in one of the world’s best schools for International Relations. At a young age, Paulina has already decided that working in a refugee camp is one of her life goals and a part of her life mission. Other altruistic life goals she has include volunteer teaching abroad in a developing country for at least one year and donating hundreds of thousands of water bottles to the people of Africa and other parts of the world until a sustainable solution to the current water crisis is found. She hopes to be the voice of all those who remain largely unheard and wants to push for the right decisions to be made regarding the world we live in today by working in the United Nations. Paulina is certain that collaboration is the medicine of the world’s ails, but for that to happen one must be open to countering opinions, different ideas, and accepting the unacceptable in order to negotiate with other parties and move forward together. All of this is attained through respect, even of the things we do not understand.

Articles Authored By Paulina: