Sadaf Parveen

Social Media Director & Staff Writer (2016-2017)


Sadaf can be described as a feminist. She loves to write about things that matter to her. Art is a huge part of her life and writing is a type of art. Writing, for her, has been a great way of expressing her ideas and opinions on topics. Nature is a big part of her life because it is free and ever growing, which is what she wishes for herself. She appreciates the time she spent with The Epoch Herald and will forever be grateful.

Articles Authored by Sadaf:

Editor in Chief’s note:

Sadaf Parveen is an enthusiastic young lady. She has the zeal for teamwork, and has contributed significantly to The Epoch Herald. While it was only a short time she spent with us, she participated in all discussions, and voiced her unique and marvelous suggestions and opinions. She took each task assigned to her with an eagerness that clearly showcased her dedication.

Sadaf Parveen, through her strong reasoning, made us see the importance of short news articles. As a result, we added the Snippets Section to our website. She also contributed creative solutions which helped us greatly to overcome the hurdle of including images in articles without infringing the copyright of the photographers.

Sadaf was our first Social Media Director, Instagram. She managed our Instagram account efficiently. Through the use of her skills in Photoshop, she regularly innovated new, attractive templates for our Instagram posts. She popularized our magazine on Instagram through her hard work and resoluteness. The Epoch’s Instagram account became our fastest growing social media account, as Sadaf succeeded in amassing more than a thousand Instagram followers in less than two months.

I am glad Sadaf was a part of our team. She contributed so much to The Epoch Herald in such a short span of time that she left a permanent mark on The Epoch family.

Ankur Bhelawe
Editor in Chief