Smitii Nayak

Staff Writer


An avid elocutionist and a dedicated reader of young adult fiction, Smitii started taking interest in writing from her early teens. Social and sarcastic, she indulges in dance, listening to music of all genres, from Korean pop to Old rock. Her strongest belief is that every individual has a choice and opinion of their own, which differs from person to person, hence giving no one the right to judge another based on these aspects. She loves her weekly shifts at the local library and visiting orphanages and labour camps, along with doing all that is in her power to help the less fortunate. She has mastered basketball, while indulging in other sports as well. She enjoys watching Star Wars and Japanese Sports Anime. An Indian settled in Dubai, she wants to travel the world, visit new landscapes, try new cuisines and meet new people.

Articles Authored by Smitii: