Write For Us!

The Epoch Herald respects your art of weaving words and invites you to collaborate with the project, bringing forth a rostrum for you to make your wavelength reach out to millions and transcend mediocrity, for we believe that writers are leaders.

Requisites for staff writing applicants-

We, at The Epoch are currently headhunting talented millennials who would like to wield a pen for our project. If you think your words can reach hearts, then gladly apply for the post!

We request you to submit two sample writing pieces. The desired writing section should be mentioned conspicuously in order to avoid confusion. We would also like to know your incentive for working with us and finally, we insist on a short résumé.

You can write under the following eleven sections –

  1. Editorial- Education juxtaposes opinions therefore, we appreciate your coherent opinion as articles on raging controversies and other dogmas with your creative insight.

  2. World- The world is a reflection of who you are and that is what we ask you to pen down on paper. Addressing global movements and world affairs through your article is what this section is about.

  3. Entertainment- From reviews to constructive criticism on books, movies, games, etc., entertainment articles encompass everything logical about it.

  4. Technology- From gadgets to all that science has to offer, this tab deals with articles relating to it.

  5. Fashion- The art which you wear can also be manifested in words. We invite reviews, intel and everything else in the fashion world in your articles.

  6. Travel- This tab deals with adventures that have made memories. Articles should be right out of your travel diaries.

  7. Sport- Translate your adrenaline rush into words by posting articles regarding any sporting venture and all that comes with it.

  8. Health and wellness- How good are we? The self-explanatory tab will include everything pertaining to health and how to be healthy for a sound lifestyle.

  9. Food- This gastronomical paradise includes all the articles regarding food, from the element of innovation to reviews.

  10. Youth- The articles pertaining to the Youth section require you to just be yourself and wield your pen as you write your thoughts about the myriad issues regarding youth and adolescence.

  11. Iridescence- Throw in all that symbolism, imagery and all the literary devices you can for this is all about creative writing.
    Essays, write-ups, drama, poetry, prose, scripting and so forth… This tab welcomes it all.

This is an unpaid position. Thank you for visiting The Epoch. Thank you for contacting us. We will get back to you as soon as possible.