Swarnali Patra

Managing Editor


A psychedelic mind and the beliefs of an existentialist; steeled bones, blood that melts gold; the one with the eye of the tiger and the ability to rise like phoenixes, the wolf being her spirit animal – she is Swarnali Patra.

A enthusiastic zonal level debater and national level creative writer with a profound love for writing and an undying love for poetry, she is very receptive to new things and loves challenges. As a student, she displayed innate talent. She has won seven city level events over the last two years. She is an anime, food and music fanatic, an introvert who can socialize like extroverts. That’s her 101!

As the Managing Editor at The Epoch, she intends to give the reader the best of the best pieces to read. She aspires to encourage her readers to outdo themselves with every piece she puts together.

Articles Authored by Swarnali: